Theis Holsters Newest Addition

A month or so ago Tommy Theis of Theis Holsters sent me a new holster that he is working on. In the past, he has always done the hybrid leather and kydex style of holster, and he was good at it. I first starting using his holsters the end of 2011 when I was running a 90-series Beretta. Since then, I have used his holster to carry and handful of other handguns as well. Now, he is starting to branch out into the all kydex holster market with a basic clip style holster.

The thing about this type of holster, they go on easy, the come off easy, they don’t take up much belt space, and being made only of kydex the holster holds it shape without the gun in it. This particular holster also holds onto the gun very well. I like the gun to stay planted in the holster well enough that it takes a quick, forcefull tug to remove it from the holster. This holster accomplishes that. In fact, when I first got it I thought it held the gun a little too tight, but after a little range work and some dryfire draw repetitions it worked in to where I like it.

What might not be so obvious about this holster just looking at the picture is that there are six mounting holes drilled in the holster to accomodate different clip locations. As you Holstersee it pictured above is how it came from Tommy, but you can also increase or decrease the cant,  and make minor adjustments to the holster’s ride height. That may not seem like a big deal, but depending on a persons prefered method of carry, prefered style of clothing, or the gun in the holster, it all makes a difference. Being able to make minor adjustments to cant and right height can make or break a holster’s ability to carry a gun comfortably and conceal it.

The other problem you sometimes have with clip on holsters is the clip not holding the holster securly to the belt. I am not sure where Tommy sources his clips from, but they work. I have even done some dryfire draws without a belt on and the clip held the holster well enough that I could draw the gun and not have the holster come with it.

So far, I have been impressed with the quality and functionality of the holster. I plan to run it through some local classes and maybe a couple IDPA matches when I get a chance. So far, it seems good to go.



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