Tuesday Training Update

Not much has changed in the past week. Stillworking the dryfire, focusing heavy on reloads, but adding some draw and trigger work as well. I have also been playing around with different speedloaders. I have both Dade Machine & Screw loaders that are not that common anymore, and Safariland Comp II loaders. The Safariland loader and its Comp I amd Comp III brothers are probably the most commonly used among serious revolver shooters, and it is definitely a good loader. The Dade actually predates the Safariland loaders, and even though it has a flaw (keep an eye out for a follow up blog post), I really like it, even though I probably shouldn’t. Just like I really like revolvers even though I probably shouldn’t in the age of the polymer wonder gun. 

My reloads are still coming in at about the same time. I am going to have to either really build some hand speed, or maybe tweak my reload technique to cut the time I want to off the reload. I chose the technique I use for some pretty specific reasons, so I am not sure I am willing to give up on the technique just yet. 

My draws are coming in around 1.50 seconds from concealment to a 2″ dot at about 3 yards. If I really push I can drop it down to 1.35-ish, but at that speed I am more likely to screw it up amd either miss te sight alignment, or flub the draw stroke. The other cool thing I figured out is that the shot timer app on my iPhone can pick up the hammer falling on an empty chamber if I place the phone close enough to my final shooting position. 

One of these days I will get back on the range to do some live fire. Until then, the dryfire will continue. 

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