The Chicken, or the Egg

The eternal question, which came first? Fortunately, the question isn’t as difficult when it comes to what comes first, training (taking a class), or practice (spending time on the range alone or with a group). This is something I have written about before on my old blog, but I was recently reminded of how important it is to learn what to do, before practicing to do it. If we start practicing a skill without having a basic understanding of what the skill should look like and why it needs to be that way, odds are we will practice incorrectly and build bad habits more than actually build the needed skill. I applaud people willing to put in the work, but sloppy work is wasted work. We have to know what we are doing before we can practice it. Be sure not to put the egg before the chicken, or the chicken before the egg, depending on your point of view. 

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