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Wheel Gun Wednesday

I have a fascination with speedloaders. I guess the same “mechanicalness” that draws me to the revolver also draws me to the speedloader. I have a few Dade loaders, as well as a few of the Safariland Comp series which … Continue reading

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Tuesday Training Update

My blogging has been a bit inconsistent lately, hopefully I can get it back where it needs to be. A couple weeks ago I went to a pistol class in western PA. Two critics made by the instructors were speeding … Continue reading

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Going FASTer with the Wheelgun

One of my goals this year is to run a sub 7 second FAST with the revolver. A sub 5 would be better, but it takes me nearly that long just to reload the gun. My fastest clean FAST so … Continue reading

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“The Really Real World” and Protective Pistol One

When most people think of training, they probably think about the guys working on the national circuit who charge upward of $400 for a class and require a minimum of 1,000 rounds for the two days. The guys who pay … Continue reading

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Twosies and Threesies, a Speedloader Comparison

One of the things I have learned lately is that Comp III’s and Comp II’s have some minor but significant differences. As it turns out, a Comp III is approximately 1/16th of an inch wider than a Comp II. This … Continue reading

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Wheel Gun Wednesday

Ballistic testing of defensive rounds is a big thing these days. People want to see what their favorite flavor of JHP is supposed to do. Lucky Gunner has compiled probably the most expansive data set available online, and they just … Continue reading

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