Going FASTer with the Wheelgun

One of my goals this year is to run a sub 7 second FAST with the revolver. A sub 5 would be better, but it takes me nearly that long just to reload the gun. My fastest clean FAST so far has been 7.62 seconds, running a Comp II from the pocket. I am toying with running a reload from a speedloader pouch, but so far I am not convinced it is any faster. At least not yet. Other than nailing the reload, I think the other place I can improve my time is the first two shots to the 3×5. I need to speed up my 1st shot time and cut my split to the second shot at least a couple tenths. Time to hit the dry fire and then try this again in about a month. 

2 thoughts on “Going FASTer with the Wheelgun

    1. While perhaps so, my semiauto times are about 2 seconds faster. That is almost entirely the difference in reload times. 4-ish seconds for the revo and 2-ish for a semi. I am thinking that if I can get the other parts of the FAST faster, especially the first 2 rounds, that will also make my semi times similarly faster.


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