Twosies and Threesies, a Speedloader Comparison

Safariland Comp II on the left, Comp III on the right.

One of the things I have learned lately is that Comp III’s and Comp II’s
have some minor but significant differences. As it turns out, a Comp III is approximately 1/16th of an inch wider than a Comp II. This causes the edge of the Comp III to

The cylinder release latch impeding the use of a Comp III loader.

hang on the cylinder release latch. Also contributing to this is that the leading edge of the Comp III is further back because the body of the speedloader is not as deep. This means that as the rounds align with and enter the charge holes the speedloader has not yet passed the latch, which means the speedloader cannot easily be leaned around the latch. With a Comp II, by the time the rounds align with and begin to enter the charge holes, the leading edge of the speedloader has already passed the latch, mitigating the problem.

Even though initially I had a preference for the Comp III because of the larger size and being easier to index the grip out of the pocket, but after struggling with reloads with the Comp III to try and figure it out with little success, I am now committing to the Comp II. I have had significantly more success running the Comp II’s, it just took me a while to figure out why.

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