Tuesday Training Update

My blogging has been a bit inconsistent lately, hopefully I can get it back where it needs to be. A couple weeks ago I went to a pistol class in western PA. Two critics made by the instructors were speeding up my presentation of the handgun on draw, and keeping by chin up to improve my vision of the sights and target by looking through the front of my eye as opposed to the top. My plan is to take those critics, work them hard in dry fire relying on video feedback and applying the improvement towards a better FAST time. I think that my biggest deficiency in the FAST, other than the reload, is the time it takes me draw the gun and get by first two shots off. So some concerted effort to get those times down will probably payoff quite a bit. Current best FAST time is 7.62.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Training Update

  1. A 7 second FAST with a revolver is hauling. I am trying to work up a good time to go for a FAST with my snubby and speed strip! Ain’t going to be 7 seconds. It takes me about 6 seconds to reload 4 rounds into the gun and get the first shot off with a speed strip in my pocket. A speedloader is faster but I don’t carry speedloaders. Bottom line: setting such goals keeps us ever improving. I will be curious to see if you do it-


    1. Six seconds is about as fast as I can run a speed strip too. I will have to try a FAST with a speed strip reload and see how it plays out.


  2. Shooting with a neutral head position can be quite challenging, especially for those of us who have learned to shoot in a “fighting” stance with tucked chin. Good luck with this adjustment and please keep us updated.


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