Something came in the mail today…

The second week of April, I ordered a JM Custom Kydex IWB 3 holster for my S&W 66. I had been making do with a modified OWB kydex rig that I engineered to work IWB. It was an acceptable, but imperfect solution. 

Now, I have a purpose built IWB holster for my 66. Wfter some searching around, and a email back and forth with Tony Mayer, the man behind JM Custom Kydex, I decided to go with the IWB 3.

The holster just arrived today, so verdict is still out. The build quality certainly seems exceptional. My only initial concern is if the added bulk of the tuck feature and the belt loops will cause too more printing than I am accustomed to. We shall see I suppose. The plan is to use the holster for everything, everyday carry, practice, classes, and any local matches I get myself into. 

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