Drill: Finding Your Level

There are a lot of good drills out there. Some are designed to develop a skill, some are designed to test a skill. “Finding Your Level” I am pretty convinced as more of a test than a skill builder drill, at least if you shoot it as written. Essentially it test a shooter’s ability to get quick hits on small targets, and their ability to control recoil over a longer string of fire. It has become one of my favorite benchmark drills for basic fundamental shooting processes at speed.

Finding Your Level is not a very widely known drill despite being a really good one in my opinion. The drill originates from a user at pistol-forum.com, and I have not seen the drill used or mentioned outside of p-f.com. There are a lot of really solid shooters on p-f, so if you aren’t a member, you should at least troll the place for info, if not join up. Just don’t be “that guy”.

The target for the drill is attached at the link below.

Find Your Level Target

Essentially how this works is that there are four, independent strings of fire. The drill is a simple pass/fail. You either get your hits within the PAR, or you don’t. The PAR times reduce each repetition, becoming more and more difficult. If you are able to clean the highest level of the drill, you start adding one round per repetition.

If you wanted to turn this “test” into an actual skill develop drill, I would rep each string multiple times before progressing to the next. I think
shot that way, this is actually a really good skill builder for drawing to low probability targets and multi round strings on small targets

Give it a try and let me know how you do in the comments. Other than being a very easy drill to shoot logistically, it can also be shot with any handgun. I am thinking a run with an LCP or J-frame might be in my future.

I have not managed to get past level 2 yet. I can get the PARs and hits from a high compressed ready, but not from the holster. My goal is get there sooner rather than later.


7 thoughts on “Drill: Finding Your Level

    1. PAR is the applied time standard. In this particular drill it is 2.5 seconds. The shooter has that amount of time to complete each string of fire. Any shots over the time limit do not count.

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