Learning to Drive the Dot Part II

About 2 months ago I posted about not really digging the “drive the dot” style sight picture that the FN 509 is set up for. Since then, I have really tried to accept it, and learn how to use it. I assumed the best way to do that would be with a lot of accuracy work. So I sat back at 25 yards and struggled away, still not really liking it. A couple weeks ago I hit the range with a buddy and I ditched the accuracy work for some more practical drills that focused more on speed. And then it all came together. I started to realize where the “drive the dot” sight setup is best suited, when trying to go fast.

I am still learning to manage the sights well enough for the level of accuracy I think I should be able to get out of the gun, but I am getting there. The two low hits were both called as low. So if I can be a little more consistent, it should tighten up nicely.

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