Chronicles of a BUG: How accurate is it?

One of the things that pulled me the direction of the Pico is that it actually has real sights on it. It is not uncommon for pocket sized guns to have a poor excuse for sights, usually in the form of a shallow rear notch and barely noticeable milled in front post. This also means that those sights are not adjustable, and especially not interchangeable. So you are basically stuck with what you have if the gun doesn’t shoot to point of aim unless you add something like a laser.

Since the Pico does have decent sights, I think the accuracy potential is significantly better than other common options, the question is, how much better. The sight radius will also matter. A shorter sight radius means that the sights are less forgiving of small sighting errors because even a tiny little misalignment in the sights will manifest itself with a significant deviation at distance. There is not much that can be done about that though, other than shoot the gun better.

I was finally able to adjust the sights on my Pico and get them closer to where they need to be. I actually think I probably over adjusted them just a tiny bit. This is 10 rounds (5 rounds flush magazine, 5 rounds extended magazine) fired at 25 yards, slow fire. While the group is larger than what I would consider acceptable from a duty sized gun, I think for having less than 200 rounds through this gun, and it being a pocket gun on top of that, I am actually almost okay with it.

I would like to get the group centered a bit better, and I think there is room for improvement on my part, so I need to up my dry fire game just a bit. Otherwise, that isn’t too horrible. I think a run at the FBI handgun qualification will be on the list for the next range trip.

The gun has continued to run fine, including while working some reloads, and while using a sharp edged Fiocchi JHP bullet, not the XTP, like is used in some Fiocchi ammunition. The gun has not been cleaned or lubricated at all. It is how it was when I pulled it out of the box. I will probably breakdown and clean it at 200 rounds then try to push it to 700 or so without anymore attention. So far I have not shot the gun one handed, which may create some function issues if I cannot get as much grip stability when shooting the gun. That probably needs to be one of the next steps in testing reliability.

Ammunition Type Rounds Fired
Blaser Brass 95gr FMJ 50
Fiocchi 95gr FMJ 41
Fiocchi 90gr JHP 50
Total 141

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