Drill of the Month – July 2020

We are taking a different tact this month and the drill will be a dry fire drill. We can’t post a picture of a dry fire drill, so this month the requirement will be to post a short video to the Priority Performance Facebook page.

Here is the drill. Using the 10-8 Performance dry fire target, each circle gets one rep from concealment freestyle, one rep from concealment Strong Hand Only (SHO), and one rep from low ready Weak Hand Only (WHO). The SHO rep includes only using the strong hand to clear the cover garment too.

The reps should include a trigger press, but there is not a time limit. We are working accuracy. We are looking for good sight alignment, a proper sight picture, and a clean press. The way we judge the quality of the trigger press is if the front sight moves when the shot breaks. We want no, or very little movement.

Some key safety considerations. We are handling guns off the range, and if we screw this up someone will get hurt. We need to check and double check to make sure whatever gun we are using (if we are using a gun), is completely unloaded. All live ammunition should be stored outside of the practice area. As a final fail safe, we should have a backstop capable of stopping bullets. A cinder block wall, some old body armor, something that will legit stop bullets if we screw up everything else. 

Participation this month will get you in the drawing for a stocked PHLster PEW. Something that everyone can use. 

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