In October of 2011, I started a blog called Master Class Chronicles. The idea, back then, was to track my progress towards earning a master classification in IDPA. Well, life happened and IDPA was pushed to the bottom of the list of things to get done, and stopped getting done. Master Class Chronicles evolved from a blog about shooting IDPA to a blog just about shooting. I wrote about what it was like shooting different guns, how well different guns could be shot compared to each other, and my take on shooting better. Over the life of Master Class Chronicles I spent time shooting a Beretta 96D, a Sig P226 a Ruger LC9, a Ruger SP101, a Sig P229, a Glock 22, a RIA M200 and maybe a couple I forgot about. Priority: Performance will be what Master Class Chronicles turned into. It will be about shooting different guns, and what it means to shoot them well, or at least my take on it.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey mate! Nice blog you’ve got here, although it looks like you are not that active anymore. Anyway, if you check out the comments every now and then, I’d like to send you a leather holster for a brief honest review of it for one of your guns. In case you are interested, drop me an email. Regards.


      1. Hey again, Nate! Ah, I wasn’t sent a notification about your reply, I’m sorry. I can’t find your email address anywhere, but I’d like to strike a collab with you, so in case you still want to check out our holsters and then decide if you want to review them, please, drop me an email at feedback@craftholsters.com. I’ll be more than happy to ship one of our designs your way 🙂


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