Pattern Testing #4 Buck Loads

When it comes to defensive shotgun loads, 00 buck is usually the standard, and for the guys who are really clued in, #1 buck is the preferred load. Even so, many people use #4 buckshot for the supposed reduced penetration risk, especially in a home defense setting. There is an interesting analysis of buckshot loads …

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Drill: The 5 in 10

Spending time on the revolver this year, I quickly realized that many standardized drills are not "revolver neutral". Shooting 10 rounds on the clock is a definite disadvantage for the wheelgun operator (as maybe it should be), making it difficult to draw comparisons of actual shooting ability, regardless of firearm capacity. In an effort to …

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The JMCK Review: A modern holster for a classic firearm

When I think of holsters for classic stainless steel S&W K-frame revolvers, I typically think of something made of nice high quality leather, or an old school law enforcement duty holster. Kydex is not something I usually associate with revolvers. That would be like mixing classic muscle car styling with modern vehicle design. Oh wait, …

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