Drill of the Month

The purpose of this blog is to write about my journey to get better at shooting, whatever that looks like. The hope is that through sharing my experiences, it will encourage others to do the same, get better at shooting, whatever that looks like for them.

To further that objective, I am going to start posting a “drill of the month”, to give people something to go after. That isn’t really all that encouraging though. So why not make it a giveaway.

This is how it will work. To be included in the giveaway, you have to shooting the drill twice in the month long period. Once towards the beginning of the month, and against towards the end of the month to track any improvement. Results have to be posted on the Priority Performance Facebook page as a picture or video. Participating gets entry into the giveaway.

What will we be giving away? Well that depends, but probably something along the lines of a holster for a gun of the winners choice, ammo, stuff like that. Things I can reasonably afford. If this really takes off, maybe once a year we will give away something a little extra special.

The first Drill of the Month will be posted on June 1st, 2020, so standby for greatness. Hopefully this will be a fun exercise in building community of performance driven shooters, and we get better at the same time.

June 2020 Drill of the Month

July 2020 Drill of the Month