The Tale of Two Reloads

I have made the full switch back to a semi-auto handgun this year. I have not shot a revolver in any meaningful way all year, so at least 3 months. I was looking back at some old notes and noticed something kind of interesting. I have been shooting the Wilson 5×5 quite a bit lately, trying to get myself to speed up my shooting while still maintaining a decent level of accuracy. This has given me some numbers to compare.

Late last year, I shot the 5×5 with my 66-1 out of a JMCK IWB #3 and using the JOX Speedloader pouch and a Comp II loader. I have also shot the 5×5 with nearly the exact same set up, except with the 509.

String of Fire S&W 66-1 FN 509
5 rounds freestyle 3.97 3.29
5 rounds SHO 4.51 4.86
5 rounds, reload, 5 rounds 10.33 7.55
4 rounds body, 1 rounds head 4.27 3.53
Penalties (+0.50 per point) +0.50 +2.00
Total 23.58 22.43

One of those guns is a modern striker fired polymer handgun, the other is a nearly 40 year old blaster, and other than the reload, those performances are remarkably similar.

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